iPod Owners Enjoy Free MP3 Audio Book Downloads

Many people are surprised that audio books exist since the 1930s when the first music-book recording was made. Even though audio books are not available on tape anymore, they still have a place for people to listen to them eighty years after their original release. In fact, a free MP3 book that can downloaded to an iPod is one of the most desired types of music books in today’s digital age.

While such books have been around for some time, they gained popularity when the Sony Walkman made them so popular. This compact cassette tape player enabled people to carry recorded material in a more convenient manner than ever before.

The compact disc was then introduced a decade later. This made it easier to find the latest and greatest music and audio books on CD. Even though you can still get audio books on CD today; most people prefer to download their music books as MP3.

A little bit of searching will yield a large number of free MP3 book downloads from many websites. You won’t be able to find a brand new release of a bestseller book as a download, though. However, these popular titles will still be for sale and you can download many of them after purchase.

An author may offer an MP3 audio version of their work free to customers who purchase the hardcover book. This can be an incentive for the customer as well as an effective advertising and promotion strategy. It’s especially useful when a new author is trying build a name or reputation.

An independent author, even one without a publisher, may create a website in order to promote a book they wrote. The site will also offer a free MP3 audio book to the customer who purchases their e-book or printed book. This can be a great way of launching a new website or increasing sales. People love the idea of getting something free. In fact, most people consider music books downloads to be valuable mp3juice, especially if they relate to a topic they are passionate about.

There are many websites that offer MP3 music books downloads. They cover nearly every topic there has been. Many sites offer memberships. If you register to become a member, or buy a paid subscription, many of them will provide your new members with MP3 audio book selections.

The websites of many large public libraries offer free MP3 audiobook downloads. Some websites have specialized projects that collect large quantities of works. These sites have made it possible to download e-books or audio books for free, or they accept donations to cover the cost of maintaining the website.